Who We Are

The Boutique for a Week girls

In 2008, two sisters and their mom (Kristen, Kelly, and Sandie) dreamed of starting a business they could run together. They were inspired to create Boutique For A Week, a children’s consignment sale that would offer great bargains as well as consigning opportunities to local families. After the first sale in November 2008, Boutique For A Week quickly found its niche in the community.

For five years, the trio ran the sale together. Then Kristen took over as sole proprietor. Still, it remained a family business with her three young daughters participating each sale week. Many long time sale goers can attest to watching these little girls grow up into now teenagers and young adults. The sale grew too, welcoming thousands of families, providing amazing bargains, and accumulating incredibly loyal shoppers, volunteers, and consignors.

Kendall & Kristen

Now, the sale has expanded, and so have its needs. In 2021, long-time family friend Kendall took on the role of Sale Manager. She brings her next generation of children to participate with Mom in the sale. Boutique for A Week’s goals will remain the same: to serve families in the Central Florida community and beyond with consignment sales and opportunities.

Family Photo