Attaching Tags

When tags separate from items, everyone loses! We can not sell items without tags because the consignor cannot be properly credited. Help us to sell as many of your items as possible by making securely attaching your tags! Please note: Cardstock is REQUIRED for tags.

Consignors: if you are using a Mac product to enter and print your tags, please be advised that you must not use FIREFOX to print the tags. Please use Chrome or Safari instead!

Supplies Needed

You don’t need a lot of supplies to get started with tagging your items: safety pins, zip ties, hole punch, etc. Here is a short video that shows you all the supplies you will need to get started tagging your items!

Attaching Tags to Clothing Items

The first step to tagging your clothing items is to make sure they are hung correctly. This video shows how to hang and tag shirts, but the same process applies to dresses, blouses, sweaters and jackets.

  • Cable ties work best for almost all clothing items and some miscellaneous items like Snuglis and diaper bags. You may also use safety pins, or curly ribbon. As long as your items can not become separated from your clothing or tags.
  • Punch a hole in each tag, slip the cable tie through the hole and loop it through the garment label, button hole, belt loop, etc.
  • Once a cable tie is fastened properly, it cannot come open. Check that you didn’t insert the cable tie through the wrong-side by trying to open it.
  • If there is no secure place on the garment to loop a cable tie, use a safety pin through the punched hole and position tag on the garment’s top left (over the “heart”). For knit items (t-shirts), be careful to safety pin through the binding on the edge rather than through the thin fabric as safety pins will create holes in some knits.
  • Tags must be attached directly to the garment, not to the hanger!
  • For pants and shorts please use pant hangers or safety pin them to a wire hanger

How to Hang Pants, Clothing Sets, and Multiple Items

For clothing sets, be sure to include the number of pieces in the description on your tag. Also, be sure to secure each piece together. This video will show you how.

Attaching Tags to Shoes and Accessories

This video will show you how to tag shoes, accessories, and tagless items of clothing.

  • Shoes should be secured together with extra-long (7” or longer) cable ties.
  • Insert a second extra-long cable tie through the first to extend the hanging length of the pair of shoes for ease of display at the sale.
  • Tags can usually be attached with cable ties through a grommet, buckle hole, etc.
  • Please do not put a price tag on each shoe, only one tag per pair.
  • Only as a last resort, when there is no way to attach the tag to the shoes and to join the shoes, put them in a Ziploc bag, seal the bag with clear packing tape and tape tag to bag.

Attaching Tags to Toys, Books Equipment and Multiple Piece Items

Toys can be some of the easiest items to tag! This video will show you how to tag toys as well as other non-clothing items.

  • Packing tape is ideal for many toy items.
  • Blue painters tape is ideal for books, homeschool materials and other printed media.
  • On items with multiple pieces, like Legos, K’NEX, Littlest Pet Shop, etc - please combine them in a zippered bag for linens or a Ziploc bag that is taped shut.
  • Cribs, swings, and pack ‘n plays MUST be assembled by you! We have a high selling record for all assembled cribs! Attach the tag so it will show well when the item is assembled.
  • On large multiple piece items (for example crib and changing table set or car seat with 2 bases), print a duplicate tag, but cross out the price so that the price is only showing on one tag.