White Tag Consignors

Consignors who donate all of their items at sale end are known as White Tag Consignors.

Any Consignor can choose to designate some of her items for donation by tagging them with a white tag, but a White Tag Consignor tags EXCLUSIVELY with white and donates all of her items. Donating items benefits the community and saves time sorting after the sale!

White Tag Consignors shop earlier than our regular Consignors!

If you elect to tag all your items with white cardstock, you can shop our Consignor Pre-Sale one hour earlier than regular Consignors. White Tag Consignors may begin shopping at 1:00 pm.

White Tag Consignors may bring a spouse, grandparent and/or children under 18 to shop during the White Tag Consignor Pre-Sale shopping time. No sisters, friends, aunts, etc. We are not able to make exceptions. Please only bring children if absolutely necessary. Children under 12 must remain with a parent at all times.

Only Consignors with ALL white tags can shop early. If you decide after Drop Off to have your items donated, but the items are printed on colored cardstock, you will not be eligible to shop until the regular Consignor Pre-Sale.

You must let us know you are a White Tag Consignor.

At Drop Off, you need to check in and have your White Tag Consignor status verified. Do this prior to putting your items on the sales floor. Please email us your intention so we can add you to our White Tag Consignor check-in list. However, if you forget to email before Drop Off, you can still check in with us and we will add you to the list!

Remember ALL your items MUST be tagged with white cardstock for you to be considered a White Tag Consignor.

Tagging must be completed by midnight on the Saturday before Sale Week.

*If you have a big ticket item that you do not want to donate, we will consider an exception. Please email us with any specific questions. Note: Exceptions are only for big ticket items and are at the discretion of Boutique For A Week.