Completing Tag Information

  • Each sale we team up with a local charity to bless those in our community. Please consider donating your few unsold items which do not sell! It is a great blessing to hundreds of needy families in our community. Use WHITE CARDSTOCK to tag any items that you wish to donate. Please consider donating! See “Donating Unsold Items” for more information on who gets donated items. Also, please make sure that you do not select the “DONATE” button and then print on colored cardstock. At the end of the sale we sort all unsold items based on colored cardstock. If you wish to donate but print on colored cardstock those items will not get donated.
  • Be sure your code printed correctly at the bottom of your tags!
  • If you have a garment with a size range, please use the smallest numerical size, for example 12-18m should be sized “12m” on your tag.
  • DO NOT use S, M, or L as these designations are used differently from one brand to the next! Please choose the numerical size which corresponds.
  • If an item fits weird, a 2T fits exactly like all your other 18m items for example, label item “fits like 18m” and place it with the other 18m items.
  • Price in whole dollar increments. If items are worth less than $1 (onesies, socks, books, etc.), group like items of same size together so that they can be priced at a $1 minimum.
  • For sets, please state how many items are included in the tag description and make sure you securely attach all items together. Only one tag is necessary for a set.

We will hold 50% off clearance sales on the final day(s) of the sale.

  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted, please be sure you do not click the “discount” button as you enter your tags online.
  • If you intend to donate your unsold items please make sure you also designate them for the 50% off sale.