Picking Up

You must stay with your assigned Volunteer at all times at Pick Up.

We are committed to protecting each Consignor’s property.

Children are NOT permitted on the sales floor at Pick Up.

Due to safety issues, we are no longer allowing children at Pick Up or Drop Off. Please consider this when determining what time to come to Pick Up. If your children must come with you, they will need to remain in the lobby with your spouse or a friend to supervise them.

Pick Up procedures:

  • When you arrive, go directly to the check in table. Please do not look for your items before you check in.
  • After checking in, you will be assigned a Volunteer to help you gather your items. Be aware: the Volunteer’s assistance does not remove any of a Consignor’s personal obligation to find her items. Only a Consignor knows her own items well enough to determine if something is missing.
  • Then the Volunteer will accompany you to the sale’s floor. It will be organized to the deepest degree possible. At minimum, there will be two areas - clothes and everything else. Within these areas, the items will be sorted (again, at minimum) by tag color. Likely, items will be arranged more specifically by Consignor codes (100s, 200s, 300s, etc.). If we have the ability, we will sort down to each individual Consignor’s code within each area.
  • After gathering your items, you must check out. There, a Volunteer will verify that all the items you have match your Consignor code. This step is new and important. It is required of all Consignors at Pick Up to ensure no items accidentally go home with the wrong person. This provides an extra level of protection intended to serve you!
  • Last, you will receive your Consignor earnings check.
  • Remember to bring boxes or bins to help carry your items home.

Please allot the appropriate amount of time for Pick Up. Keep in mind the procedures, the length to which we are able to sort, and the amount of Consignors picking up at the time of your arrival will all impact the time required. Plan for at least 30 minutes on site (or more if you have many items to retrieve).

Remember that any items you tagged with WHITE CARDSTOCK will be donated and will not be sorted.

When you Pick Up, you may choose to donate any items you do not wish to carry home. However, we would appreciate you using WHITE CARDSTOCK instead and skipping the trip to Pick Up. This saves us the time of sorting your unsold items! If you choose to donate and skip Pick Up, your Consignor earning check will be mailed to you right away. Remember, Consignors who donate shop earlier than regular Consignors. For more information, visit our White Tag Consignors page.

Unsold items NOT picked up at this time will be donated to charity at the end of Pick Up!

We regret that no reminder calls or alternate arrangements can be made. However, you can have a friend pick up your unsold items (and/or your earnings check) if you are unavailable to do so. You must email us your Consignor code and the name of the person to allow us to release your unsold items. This includes releasing items to your spouse.