Volunteers 101

We need you!!! Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Boutique For A Week sale!

Why Volunteer?


Imagine short lines, great prices, and all the best items waiting for you because Volunteers shop first at Boutique For A Week!

Your time, skills, and resources are invaluable contributions to the overall success of Boutique For A Week. Quite simply, we cannot effectively handle all the finer details that make our sale great without you – our GREAT Volunteers! As our way of saying thank you, we open this early shopping time to you! However, we are not able to allow you to shop during your volunteer shift. This also means you may not set aside items before your appropriate shopping time. Please be sure to check the schedule and plan your shifts around your shopping time.

Volunteers may bring a spouse, grandparent and/or children under 18 to shop during the Volunteer Shopping Pre-Sale shopping time. No sisters, friends, aunts, etc. We are not able to make exceptions. Please only bring children if absolutely necessary. Children under 12 must remain with a parent at all times.

If you have small children at home…

We’ll find a way to work with you if you want to find a way to volunteer for us! There are countless opportunities to serve before, during, and even after the sale!

We Welcome Hard Working Men

You can even send your man to work your volunteer hours for you or with you so you can earn hours for both your time and his! We especially need hard working men at setup and breakdown!

We Welcome Grandmothers Too

We welcome Grandmas to work in your place and even have tasks suited for those with physical limitations. Click on “Volunteer Opportunities”; for a brief description of how you might fit in!

Please note, due to the tasks that you may be doing and the amount of shoppers at any given time, we ask that you make other arrangements for your children during your volunteer shift.

Volunteer Testimonial

If you’re uncertain about volunteering, consider this endorsement from a mom about her experience: “I loved volunteering at BFAW! The first time I volunteered I was newly pregnant with my first son, and was excited to see if I would actually get any good deals by being able to shop early. The simple answer is, “Absolutely! Yes.”; The ability to shop early helped me to get almost everything I needed to welcome Silas into my home. The things at the sale are in GREAT shape, and are now going to be used to welcome my second son into our home. The ladies who run this sale are eager to help, friendly and especially for those who volunteer, accommodating to specific needs, such as being pregnant and making sure you are given a “job”; that fits you. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are able, definitely volunteer. The 4 or 8 hours you spend is well worth your time, and even fun.”;

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer registration will re-open this summer for our Fall 2024 Sale.