Cardstock Color List

It is required to print tags on pastel colored cardstock. Dark colors cause difficulty with scanning at check-out. Please use the appropriate color cardstock for your items. This allows us to easily identify your items and speeds up the sorting process at the end of the sale.

ALL WHITE CARDSTOCK TAGGED ITEMS will be donated at sale end unsorted - without exception. Consignors will not have access to items allocated for donation. [Donating](/consignors/donating-unsold-items/) helps the community and saves time sorting. Take additional care to ensure your cardstock matches the colors listed and is not easily mistaken for white. In recent sales, too light pink and yellow cardstock have been added to the donation pile due to being indistinguishable from white.

Color Code
White Donate unsold items after sale
Pastel Blue Last name A - C
Pastel Pink Last name D - G
Pastel Green Last name H - M
Yellow Last name N - S
Orange Last name T - Z

All featured Cardstock is available from Amazon via the color links above.