Items We Cannot Accept

  • Clothing manufactured more than 4 years ago. Check the inside tag! Most manufacturers print a copyright date on clothing tags.
  • Adult ladies clothing
  • Baby equipment manufactured more than 4 years ago. Check sticker if unsure.
  • Car seats which fail to meet all criteria listed on the Items Accepted page.
  • Cribs manufactured before July 2011. Recent cribs are accepted.
  • Recalled items
  • Screen print tees (GAP, Old Navy, TCP, etc. are acceptable, but no advertising tees such as YMCA tees or those from your last vacation spot!)
  • Housewares (unless for children)
  • Weathered/rusty bicycles
  • Items with stains, broken snaps or zippers, missing parts, etc.
  • VHS tapes
  • Adult videos
  • Shoes that are not like new- if the shoes have scuffs, they are not like new.
  • Undergarments that are not like new.

PLEASE be respectful of others and do not bring unacceptable items to consign. We strive to make this a wonderful selling and shopping experience for ALL!