Volunteer Opportunities

Classic Volunteer Slots:

Classic volunteer slots are scheduled just before, during, and after the sale. These slots require time at the sale’s location.

Volunteer registration is now open for our Fall 2024 Sale.

Time slots are available in 4-hour shifts. By volunteering, you will get to shop the day before Consignors and two days before the general public.

How to Prepare for your Volunteer Slot

  • Due to the tasks that you may be doing and the amount of shoppers at any given time, we ask that you make other arrangements for your children during your volunteer shift.
  • If you are consigning and sign up to volunteer during Drop Off, your drop off appointment cannot be during your volunteer shift. Send us an email if you’re having difficulties finding a drop off time outside of the volunteer shift.
  • Shifts should be scheduled around (and not during) your planned shopping times.
  • Plan to work your entire 4-hour shift.
  • Wear comfortable clothing but dress nicely since you represent Boutique For A Week!
  • Bring a meal or snack as needed.
  • A refrigerator is available as well as a restroom.
  • Please check-in at the cashier area a few minutes before your volunteer time so that you can get your name tag and a quick overview of what to expect and what is expected of you.
  • Please let us know of any limitations you might have at this time, such as no heavy lifting. On the other hand, if you have skills such as typing or great organizational abilities, let us know that as well so we can place you in an appropriate position you will enjoy.
  • At the end of your volunteer time, please check out at the cashier area and return your name tag to receive credit for completing your shift.

Non-Conventional Volunteer Opportunities/Bartering

Do you have a unique service to offer or a product we might need? Click on “Bartering” to see what you might be able to trade us for a shop early pass!