Consignors 101

What is a Consignor?

A Boutique For A Week Consignor is anyone who has a minimum of 10 items to sell (or fewer “high dollar” items totaling at least $30). The more you consign the more money you can make. Plus you get to shop before we open to the public!

Why choose to consign with Boutique For A Week?

  • You earn 65% of the selling price of every item you consign.
  • Thousands of shoppers look at your items in a week’s time.
  • Boutique For A Week takes care of the all the advertising - TV, Newsprint, Radio, Community Updates, Children’s Publications, etc.
  • You set the price of your items.
  • At the end of the week, when the sale is done, you pick up your check!

How do we compare?

  • No hassle of listing then shipping with online stores
  • Our buyers can see and touch your items and are able to make a quick decision to buy
  • Local consignment stores determine your item’s selling price and it can take weeks or even months to earn your money.
  • Some stores pay only a fraction of what your items are worth.

Boutique For A Week does it all for you!

It’s the easiest way to clean out your closets and earn extra money for those great quality clothes, toys, and equipment in just one week.

How do I become a Consignor?

You must obtain a Consignor code by completing the Online Consignor Registration.

Registration is now closed.

Please note: all items must be entered into our tagging system by 11:59 p.m. on the Saturday before Sale Week.

Consignors are invited and encouraged to shop during our Consignor Pre-Sale. This time is set aside at each sale especially for you to take advantage of the best selection. You may bring ONE person only (a spouse or a grandparent). Babies under 1 are permitted in strollers, but no other children under age 14 are allowed.

If you elect to tag exclusively with white cardstock and donate all of your items, you can shop even EARLIER! White Tag Consignors may begin shopping the Pre-Sale an hour earlier than classic Consignors. Read the White Tag Consignors page for more details.

Consignors are also invited to shop the 50% off sale early.

Your friends are invited to shop early at our Friends of Consignors Pre-Sale. You do not need to accompany them, but they will need to check in upon arrival and give us your name.