Dropping Off

You WILL need an appointment to Drop-off.

  • All drop off appointments are first come, first served.
  • Please note that the beginning and end of the Drop-off time tend to be the busiest times.
  • If you are volunteering during Drop-off, your Drop-off appointment may not be during your shift.

We review certain merchandise at Drop-off.

Due to the limited facility space and a desire to serve our Shoppers and Consignors, we will be looking over all items before allowing them on the sale floor. Ultimately, our focus is to help your items sell.

For your items to sell, they must be seen:

  • Crammed racks are challenging to browse.
  • Out-dated or stained clothing and bedding clutters already full areas. These items are also automatically removed when discovered.

We still want to stock all items that are clean, tagged correctly, sale quality, and fit the criteria on the Items Accepted page. Inspecting merchandise ensures the best sale possible for Consignors and Shoppers. While we recognize this will lengthen the time it takes to Drop-off, Consignors who have prepared their items correctly should anticipate an efficient experience.

Help prepare for Drop-off by reviewing these procedures.

When you arrive at Drop-off, follow this plan:

  • Park your vehicle and unload all items. We suggest wheeling your clothing items in on a stroller, cart, or wagon.
  • Go to the check-in table. Sign your registration confirmation page here and verify all your Consignor information with the available printouts.
  • If you are a White Tag Consignor make sure to check in and verify your status prior to placing your items on the sale’s floor.
  • Get in line for the next available attendant at our inspection tables. The attendants will first quickly review your larger items and toys.
  • You will be assigned a Volunteer who will assist you in placing your inspected items in designated places on the sale’s floor. Racks, bins, and shelves are clearly labeled, and there are additional Volunteers available to direct you.
  • The attendant will continue inspecting your clothing and other items. Return to the attendant to collect your remaining items and put them in the correct areas.
  • Remember you must assemble cribs, pack ‘n plays, and swings.
  • Once all your items are in the proper spots and assembled, we ask that you exit quickly to keep traffic flowing smoothly! We realize that it is VERY tempting to browse, but please refrain and join us at your earliest possible shopping convenience!
  • There will still be Volunteer slots available (see check-in personnel), should you decide that you just have to get back early once you see all the goodies!
  • Because of the nature of set up and the busyness of the sales floor, we do not allow children at Drop-off. It is too challenging to both efficiently place your own items and keep track of kiddos among people carrying large items.

What YOU can do in advance to prepare for a pleasant, efficient Drop-off experience:

  • Schedule and keep your Drop-off appointment.
  • Make certain you have pre-registered online and have received e-mail confirmation. If you lose your email confirmation, bring your ID and consignor code to the sale to shop early.
  • Be certain that items have been properly hung and tagged.
  • Be certain that tags and pieces are secure and cable ties cannot be unzipped.
  • Be certain that tag information is accurate and complete.
  • Group all clothing items by gender and size. Also, hanging items display best when pants are hung on the bottom rack and shirts are hung on the top rack, so separate your items. Place a rubber band around the hangers of each group. Layer rubber-banded groups in boxes, keeping girls and boys separate.
  • Hint: 24 months and 2T items will be hung on the same rack.
  • Pre-sort like items into boxes or grocery bags, for example one for hats, one for books, etc.
  • Bring 2-3 cardboard boxes to help with sorting at the end of the sale.
  • Pack a supply kit with pens, packing tape, cable ties and safety pins, just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose! (We cannot give you a tag with your code on it!)

Children are NOT permitted on the sales floor during Drop-off.

  • Drop-off involves too many safety issues to allow children on the sales floor.
  • Please consider this when you schedule your Drop-off appointment.
  • If you must bring your children, bring your spouse or a friend to stay with your child in the lobby.
  • This rule is also in effect at Pick Up.