Reschedule Volunteer Time

Need to reschedule your Volunteer slot?

If registration has NOT closed, simply go online and make the necessary changes.

We are always amazed and blessed by the women who serve so faithfully at each sale; they are not soon forgotten. Please understand that our guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale and a spirit of fairness to all who give sacrificially of their time.

By choosing a Volunteer slot at the sale, you are removing that slot from the website so that no one else can choose it and work it. We only have slots posted for positions we need filled! If you for any reason do not shop, we still need your volunteer position filled or we will be short a Volunteer at the sale. Whether you shop or not, you are obligated to fulfill your Volunteer slot. Thank you for understanding.

If registration has closed, please email us to reschedule.

In an effort to ensure the quality of the sale by retaining a sufficient number of volunteer workers, Boutique For A Week will require that Volunteers fulfill their pledged obligation to work the shift(s) they have selected. Volunteers are expected to be on time and fulfill the entire shift, whether or not they have shopped the Preview Sale.

In the event that a Volunteer does not fulfill his or her obligation or find a suitable replacement on his or her behalf, Boutique For A Week will deduct 30% of the Volunteer’s Consignor earnings check, and the Volunteer will not be allowed to participate as a Volunteer again or participate in any future Volunteer Pre-Sale Shopping Times.