Pricing Your Items

General Tips

  • Consignors price their own items. Carefully consider the age and condition of an item when pricing.
  • Ask yourself, “Would I be willing to buy this item at this price?”
  • Items that are priced too high will not sell! However, do not raise or double your price and then discount your price! Most customers shop during the full price times, so the largest number of customers will consider your item at its full price. You should price it to sell then.
  • We suggest you price name brand clothing items in excellent condition at approximately 20% of the original retail price for speedy sales.
  • Nearly new GAP, Gymboree, Tommy, Lily, and boutique brands sell well and may earn upwards of 25% of the original cost.
  • When in doubt, price at a smidge less. You will have hefty competition. Worst case, your items will clear out quicker than other similar items on the racks!
  • Also, keep in mind your “competition.” Ask yourself, “Will there be plenty of items like this one to choose from?” For instance, there is always a plentiful selection of like-new infant sizes 0-9 months. Consider pricing these items on the low side. On the other hand, if you have like new, basic, brand name boys clothing in larger sizes, you will likely get the higher end of our recommended pricing.
  • Note: If your teeny sizes show much wear, we ask you please to consider donating them rather than bringing them to the sale. They probably won’t sell and there are so many wonderful charities that will put them to great use!
  • Try not to attach sentimental feelings to your price. Emotion will often lead to over-pricing.

Toy & Equipment Pricing

  • Toys sell very well! Perfect condition, newer style equipment may sell at half the retail price!
  • Need help pricing toys & equipment and cannot remember the original price? Check these websites:
  • Little Tykes
  • Fisher Price