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The Maiden Voyage

I suppose one could argue that it is a bit ostentatious to consider the beginning of a blog as a ‘maiden voyage’. However, when we look at history we can see that there are many types of launches that begin with grand and glorious intentions, in fact, every one of the ‘maiden voyages’ that we read of in history have grand ideas of how their idea and business will change the world as we know it. I do not share the same delusion as those who have gone before us thinking that their maiden voyage would change the course of history. I am content thinking that our maiden voyage into the blogging world, will change OUR history. Boutique For A Week is a baby and kid’s consignment sale. The sales are just one week long and only twice a year. We actually tried having a year where we had 3 sales and that was a very busy year, along with a lot of lessons learned, and my partners mad at me. But, we’re way past that! Kid’s consignment sales are great opportunities to explore a whole new way of thinking … that new may not always be better, quality does matter, you get what you pay for, why am I just now learning about Boutique For A Week … you may find yourself as you shop a baby and kids consignment sale asking yourself these questions any many more. One thing is for sure, the opportunities are endless to shop for your family’s needs for baby items, baby equipment, kid’s clothes and toys for a ridiculously low cost. Our consignors are great as they price their items competitively. So, come along with us, on this grand adventure and stay in touch! We want to hear from you about what you’d like to learn more about and all that matters to moms, babies and kids! God Bless!