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Top Benefits of Consigning

The thought of going through all the items that I could consign at the next kid’s consignment sale is daunting, to say the least. However, I have found that this little exercise in staying on top of stuff around the house, and not allowing clutter to grow, is a great incentive for me to take time out of my busy schedule and earn some much needed cash.

Being a consignor for local kids and baby consignment sale is essential for me if I want to earn a few extra bucks and get the kids newer toys or new outfits. I know that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of moms, just like me, who are all out for the same thing … getting a great deal and meeting the needs of my growing family.

Taking time to gather, tag and price my items to sell is a practice I’ve engaged in for about 3 years now. I know that I have and will probably earn close to $700 if I price my items right. Most kid’s consignment sales will only allow clothing and toys in nearly new condition. I have seen that the competition is great, so I want my toys and clothing items to be the first great deal another mom gets to take home for her family.

I also love the idea that at the end of the sale, any items I have left can be donated to a worthy charity in our community. So, the benefits of consigning are:

  • Earn extra cash
  • Donate to the Community
  • Declutter my house
  • Get the kids ‘new to them’ clothes, toys, books, DVD’s and more

What’s not to like about that?