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Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

I love Boutique For A Week’s kids consignment sale. It is an opportunity for me to make some much needed cash for the holidays. A lot of times, the money I make from the Boutique sale, I use for Thanksgiving holiday ‘extras’ and Christmas gifts. I can usually make about $500-$700 at each sale! How you say? I’m so glad you asked.

In anticipation for the Sale, I will shop garage sales and find amazing items for next to nothing … less than $1. I then bring my items home, check the retail price and make sure everything is in working condition for toys, and no stains, rips or buttons missing for clothing.

When I am ready to price and tag my items, I have them all ready to go and will price the item for $3-$5, depending on the items brand. If I price it right, I will usually double or even triple my initial investment of $1 or less. By pricing my items at a reasonable dollar amount, I am pretty much guaranteed that it will sell.

Now, onto shopping for those Christmas presents for my friends and family.