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Boutique For A Week - It's Almost Here!

I don’t know about your house, but my house looks like Boutique For A Week is going to take place at my house. Clothes and toys that are tagged in one bin, clothes and toys yet to be tagged in another. Check-out computers on my kitchen table as we (I should say, my husband) makes sure they are all set. Bags are packed too. Since the sale is in Casselberry and I live in Winter Garden, the girls and I will be staying at a friends house for the week. There is a lot of coordination for the fastest week of my life. It’s funny how that happens, right? You plan for months for a vacation and then before you know it you’ve had a great week away and are on your way home. Sale week for my partners and me (my mom and sister) goes very much the same; we start working on a sale about 3 months prior and then before we know it sale week arrives and the days just fly by. Time flies when you’re having fun right.

As you finish up your final preparations, whether you’re consigning and finishing up your tagging, registering to shop at our Expecting Moms pre-sale, or figuring out how early you can come to shop, know that we are feverishly finishing up all the things that you can’t do until the last minute. We are excited for each of you to consign or shop! We’d love to meet each one of you.

We’ve added a few new categories this sale… like our Betsy Shoppe, which will have local creative crafting moms selling their great creations. Just between you and me, I’m thinking I’ll get as much Christmas shopping done as I can. In addition we will also have a Uniforms section, a Formal Gowns section and a “Boo-tique” with hundreds of Halloween costumes. And that’s just the beginning!

We will see you at the sale next week, which is already stacking up to be the biggest and greatest yet!