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Update on Us! Part 1

This year has brought many new and exciting changes for the families of Boutique For A Week. We thought we’d humor you with our crazy lives this January. This first post is about a long awaited adoption for Kelly and her family.

January 2nd came with a new addition to my family. David and I embarked on the journey to adopt a son over a year and a half ago. We had decided to pursue a domestic adoption which also meant that most likely we would be adopting an infant. A small, 7-8 pound little baby boy.

So, trying to be a frugal mom, I’ve been stocking up on diapers, wipes and formula. And not to mention that I’ve purchased three, yes three strollers from Boutique For A Week. They each have their own purpose. A Snap n’ Go for quick trips in and out, a Car Seat and Stroller combination for the nicer trips out, maybe to the mall or to church, and another stroller I thought would be great for our family trips to the local theme parks. I even stocked up on adorable little boy clothes, that I just couldn’t resist, knowing he could come any day. I had the drawers in our soon-to-be sons room just bursting at the seams waiting for him to arrive.

This may or may not be because of my need to have everything under control. I mean, who wants to get a call to pick up your son and have to run to Target on the way to get a car seat just so you can bring him home. Not me…so I tend to over plan. I even had toys and a Baby Bjorn and formula, did I say that already? I had some 50+ containers of baby formula (none of which were expired).

Part of this tendency may also be due to the fact that I have three daughters. Yes, count them…1,2,3. My oldest daughter is 8, youngest is 5. So I’ve been out of the baby stage for a while.

Part of this may also be because, I see all the great items that get consigned and I have a hard time letting great priced items go when I know it is something that I will need.

Back up a few days to December 31, my husband gets a call asking if we want to have our profile shown. We had this little agreement that he wouldn’t tell me know until we got the “CALL”. The one every adoptive family wants to comes so badly. The one that says, a birth mom wants you to be the mother and father of her baby. The one that would tell me that my desires to have a son would be fulfilled. Well, David doesn’t tell me that our profile is being shown, but on January 1st, we were picking out a movie to watch and my husbands phone rang. It was 9 o’clock at night, who calls at that hour, right? Well, it was our case worker making the “CALL”.

And our lives have not been the same since. We welcomed our son Isaac into our home the VERY next night. And the funny thing is, all that planning and preparing I’d been doing…it didn’t help one bit. My husband and I adopted the most adorable, blonde hair, blue eyed boy. Yep, you read that right BOY! Full on BOY…all 21 months…with trucks and cars and dirt right along with him.

So while I planned for a baby, God knew what we needed…I needed to keep right on sleeping through the night so I’d have energy to tackle this little guy. I’m building trains and trying to make boy noises.

And those three little girls I told you about, they are having the time of their lives. Loving this little boy. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll be confused who his mommy really is.

But then, he walks in the room, lifts up his hands and says, “Ma Ma” and I know, he knows.