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Update on Us! Part 2...

This is Part 2 of our series, Update on Us! Which is updating you and giving you a window into our lives. This post is written by Kristen and is about her family’s recent transition to Georgia.

This year brought about a new adventure for our family. My husband had accepted a job and we were moving our family to Georgia. Neither of us had ever been away from home at all. We had been apart of the same church and the same friends for 15 years. This was quite a change but one we were excited about as well.

Our adventure began at 5am on Friday, January 27th. Our trip up with 2 moving trucks, (who knew you could have so much stuff?) 5 adults, 3 kids and a puppy, was uneventful and went very quickly considering. We arrived to a new home we were renting that we had never seen in person. We had a friend check it out and had lots of pictures but this was a move of faith for us for sure. 

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. It was a cute house on a great piece of property and the area was beautiful. We began the walk through and the kids were already playing when we were informed that the natural gas had been turned off and would not be on for 6 days. In Georgia that means no heat, no hot water, no oven and no stove. Yikes!!! Us Florida gals were quite worried knowing that it would be 27 degrees that night.

We went ahead and started moving in and getting settled and stocked each room with lots of blankets and space heaters. The first night was actually not that bad and we all stayed relatively warm. The lack of showers was becoming an issue though so we all raided a friend’s house for warm baths and showers. It’s amazing how you take little things for granted.

In the meantime we were getting unpacked and started taking things to the basement (basements sure are fun ). For some reason the kids’ socks were wet and we quickly discovered that the carpet in the basement was soaking wet. The hot water heater had leaked and soaked the basement carpet. Now we had a wet basement, broken hot water heater, no heat, no hot water, no oven and no stove.

That first morning I made coffee to try to stay warm. I reached in the refrigerator to get my favorite flavored creamer and it wasn’t cold. Are you kidding me? The refrigerator wasn’t cold! Another call later and we were informed that the fridge would need to be replaced. Now we were in our 2nd day in a new state, knowing only a handful of people and had no heat, no hot water, no oven, no stove, a broken hot water heater, a wet basement and a broken fridge.

I began wondering what in the world we had done and greatly wanted to be home in my “old house” where I had all of the things that were comfortable and familiar.

Thankfully, within a few days, we had a new fridge, a new hot water heater and a warm house with hot water. After that we were able to get settled in our new home and start our new life in our new place.

This adventure has just begun for us but I’m sure it will be full of new things and new experiences. God has blessed our family so much and I am excited about the new opportunities He is giving us here. There are already lots of things I’m getting used to here. The weather is amazing and the people are so kind. No one is in a hurry so things take a bit longer since you stand and chat as you are shopping or checking out. I think these things are going to be great and I’m looking forward to many more fun days here in Georgia.

~ Kristen