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What's New at Boutique For A Week - March 2012

Boutique For A Week is excited to announce the introduction of Kid Kash!

Kid Kash is a great way to purchase the items for your family’s growing needs and not have to take ‘real cash’ out of your budget or wallet!  You can earn Kid Kash by volunteering during our sale. Here’s how it works:

  • All Kid Kash issued to you can be used at both of our 2012 sales. So, if you don’t find what you want or need at the Spring sale (which is highly unlikely), you can use your Kid Kash at our Fall 2012 sale.
  • Kid Kash is issued in certificate form in increments of $10. You may use it toward any purchase at our Boutique For A Week sales THIS year. Keep in mind, the entire $10 value must be used at time of checkout.
  • Kid Kash is distributed AFTER completion of volunteer hours. 8 hours will earn you $10 in Kid Kash. After, 16 hours you receive $20!
  • You can also choose to gift your Kid Kash to someone you’d love to bless. Just have your loved one present the certificate when paying at checkout.
  • Kid Kash is not currently available for purchase.

We also want to highlight some specific guidelines for this sale.

Our goal at Boutique For A Week is to always have the best quality and the best prices in town. In order to keep that quality standard please note:

  • You need to make an appointment for Drop Off.
  • Any items with a specified limit will be counted at Drop Off.
  • Maximum of 200 clothing items.
  • Maximum of 15 like new items in sizes 0-6 months. (This limitation is due to the overwhelming amount of clothing in great condition. Therefore, if you bring clothes in this size range please be sure to price competitively or your items will not sell.)
  • Maximum of 20 pairs of quality, like new shoes.
  • We accept Junior sizes 0-16 and Young Men’s sizes 28W-34W. (Sizes 12 through 16 must be trendy and manufactured in the last 2 years and MUST BE NAME BRANDS, which sell best in these larger sizes.)
  • Maximum of 3 stuffed animals (non-battery operated).
  • Any bedding must be manufactured within the past 3 years and must be name brand, stored in a bedding bag. The bedding does not sell well if it isn’t current and easy to see. Bedding not placed in bags will not be placed on the sales floor.
  • We no longer accept VHS tapes.
  • Drop side cribs are NOT accepted, due to the recent recalls.
  • If you are consigning with us for the first time, you will need to log in and create a user name and password. You will be assigned a consignor code and a cardstock color. If you are a returning consignor, you will need to log in with the user name and password that you created previously. Then you will be able to start tagging your items!
  • As a consignor, if you volunteer for 8 or 12 hours (two or three 4-hour shifts) you earn $10 in Kid Kash. If you volunteer for 16 hours you earn $20 in Kid Kash. Kid Kash is distributed after volunteer hours are complete. It can be used at either the Spring or Fall sale.