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I need how much?

If you were in my house on laundry day you’d hear some, if not all, of the following…“don’t put clean clothes in the dirty clothes basket”, followed by many “ugh, I hate laundry”, “how can three girls make so much laundry”, or “this little boy may go through more clothes than all three of those girls”.

A few months back, I went through the girls drawers and closets and pulled out the stuff that mom likes, but they never wear. I put all that right in the “SALE” bin in my laundry room. But in just a few short weeks I’m back to “ugh, so many clothes”.

My husband and I are on a constant endeavor to simplify our home…I like piles and he likes things; but we try to simplify as we go. Then my super organized sister calls and says, “Hey, how many t-shirts do you think I should keep for my daughter”. At first I’m thinking, “what, who thinks like that”. But then I am quickly taken to the thought, “now that is brilliant”. If I had a list like that I could go through the drawers and closets and I’d know exactly what I’d need to put on my list of things to buy at the upcoming Spring Sale.

So with a little research, we’ve found these handy lists. We thought we’d share them, we’re nice like that. :)

We recommend you make one bin for “Boutique For A Week” and one for “Donate/Giveaway”. Then armed with your lists you can tackle one child’s clothes at a time. Oh and go ahead and register to consign now, so you don’t have to keep those clothes until the Fall.

I like this list a lot, its from Chromama. It seems to cover all the bases.


Everyday Clothing

10 short-sleeved tees

5 long-sleeved tees

5 sweaters

4 pairs jeans

2 pairs slacks/pants

2 pairs tracksuit pants

5 pairs casual shorts

School Uniforms

3 pairs long pants (navy)

3 pairs shorts/skorts (navy)

5 polo shirts (light blue)

2 zip-up jumpers (navy)

2 plain tees/polo shirts for sports days (in their respective house colours)

1 broad-brimmed school hat (navy)

Socks & Underwear

12-14 pairs underwear

12-14 pairs socks (white only)

Special Occasions

3 party dresses

3 dressy button-down shirts


1 set summer pajamas per child

1 set winter pajamas per child

2 swimsuits/swim shorts


1 winter rain jacket

1 scarf

1 beanie

1 pair of wool gloves

1 casual summer hat / cap


1 pair school shoes (‘regular’ or ‘sneaker style’), black

1 pair sneakers, white

1 pair thongs (flip-flops)/slip-on shoes

1 pair fancy ‘pretty’ shoes (Youngest only - the boys use their black school shoes)

Happy Organizing which means Happy Shopping!

We’ll see you at Boutique For A Week!