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Loving that Summer Feeling?

movie theater popcornSummer is officially here! Whether you’re excited or a little hesitant to have your kids at home all day there are many summer activities that you can do with your children.

Many of us plan summer vacations, play dates and special occasions for our children.

Last year my kids and I enjoyed Regal’s Summer Movie Express. Where select movies (rated G or PG) will be playing for just $1.

When I searched for a theater near me I found a theater with many fun movies. Now I have 3 daughters, so I was excited to see Kit Kittredge on the list, but they also include titles such as, Dolphin Take, Puss ‘n Boots, Spy Kids : All the time, and many more.

So plan some specials outings with the kids and hey, since the movie is only $1, splurge on the popcorn and get them a huge Slurpee! They’ll love you for it :)