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Support Your Cause

In looking forward to our upcoming Boutique For A Week Fall Sale, we want to make sure you’re well informed about how Boutique can help your special cause.

Give Back to your Charity

Support Your Cause allows Boutique For A Week to give as well. This is how it works, it’s really simple. All sales made from ‘your cause’ participants and anyone else you want, are tallied up at the end of the sale, and Boutique For A Week will give 10% of the total amount of sales … so if shoppers come and spend $1,000 for ‘your cause’, then we’ll send a check for $100.00 to your group!

It’s easy too! You just have to make sure each shopper has a Support Your Cause Form, filled out with all appropriate information. At checkout we will fill in the amount spent and keep track of it. At the end of the sale, ‘your cause’ can expect a check from Boutique For A Week!

  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Missions Trips
  • Public and Home School Fund Raising - sports, trips, etc
  • A Family in Crisis - sickness
  • Favorite Charity
  • Church-Related Fund Raisers
  • MOPS Groups
  • Special Secret Facebook Groups

The list is endless … take advantage of a great opportunity to raise money for what you really care about!