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Outfitting your baby

This is part three of our Baby Essentials series. Part one included what you need for transporting your darling little one, part two included how to get your baby to sleep and eat and today we’ll discuss outfitting your baby.

*All Warm and Snuggly:.

With the majority of your big baby purchases out of the way, you can turn your attention to all things cute and snuggly. Are you expecting your very own little princess or is a future rugby playing prepster on his way? Whatever your style preferences, BFAW is THE place to stock up on newborn and baby apparel. After hearing about Boutique and hitting my first post-baby sale 4 years ago, I swore I’d never buy a single article of clothing at full retail price again! Onesies, sleepers, tiny button downs and flouncy dresses - they have them all and in great condition too. Babies outgrow their tiny duds so fast, there’s barely time to put them in the same outfit more than once, resulting in many like-new and never before worn options for you to choose from. Other accessories like shoes for those tiny toes and hats to keep those little bald heads warm are available in abundance as well. So, mommas, start making your lists of must-have’s as well as any specialty items you’re on the lookout for! But before you start shopping or filling out those baby registries at full-price retail stores, mark your calendars to come and check out Boutique For A Week’s Fall sale. With all the savings and bargains you’re sure to find, you can afford to treat yourself to pedicure or treat your hubby to a surprise date night!

Be sure to check out our previous posts on Baby Essentials. Part 1 and Part 2. And don’t forget, Boutique For A Week offers Pre-Sale Shopping to New Moms (baby under 1), Expecting Moms, Adopting and Foster Moms! Register online now so that you can shop before we open to the public.