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10 Reasons I'm Consigning this Spring

Today on the blog, Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings shares 10 reasons she’s consigning at Boutique For A Week this spring.

1. Make extra money.

Who doesn’t like a little extra cash in their wallet? Last fall, the money I earned from consigning at Boutique For A Week allowed me to meet my goal to have my kitchen cabinets painted. In other past sales, I’ve been able to pay cash for Christmas gifts or put several hundred dollars back into our savings fund.

2. Declutter my home.

I’m constantly purging and re-organizing our closets, drawers, and storage solutions. Boutique For A Week is the twice a year motivation I need to ruthlessly go through my home and purge items that are no longer working for our family. A clutter-free home makes for a very happy me.

3. Shop early.

Consignors have the added benefit of shopping before the public. This allows me to have the best selection and shop with less crowds. Consignors also gain access to the 50% off sale before the public, which allows me to grab items at rock-bottom prices before the public.

4. Browse early.

Just like shopping early allows me to purchase before the public, consigning also allows me to browse through items prior to the public shopping times. For example, if I see an adorable dress for my daughter but don’t want to pay full price, I can keep an eye on it and plan to drop back by for the 50% off shopping times and snag a deal on the dress. Discounted items are specified by the consignor, so be sure to check the tags to see if your favorite item will go half price the final day.

5. Recycle items to a new home.

It’s rewarding to know that my son’s favorite dinosaur shirt from two years ago will find a new home via Boutique For A Week. We can’t practically keep every piece of clothing or toy that has sentimental value, so it’s comforting to know that another child will love it as much as my own children once did.

6. A budget reminder.

Purging my home in preparation for Boutique For A Week is a visual reminder of areas we may overspend. For example, when I was purging last fall, I found that my son had four puzzles that were practically identical. When I have all of my items tagged and ready to sell, I am reminded that sometimes less is more, and sticking to our budget is more important than a new outfit for my children.

7. Keep what they love.

When I show my kids items I’m considering for consignment, I ask them to pick their favorite one. This shows me which toys or clothes they love most, and therefore helps me plan for future purchases.

8. Donate to the community.

Boutique For A Week donates a large amount of items after each sale. If you choose to donate your unsold items, you can tag them with white cardstock (instead of your designated color) and they will be automatically sorted for donation. (Note: Now if you donate, you can shop even earlier!__)

9. Make friends.

Through consigning at Boutique For A Week, I meet other women via the Facebook page and at the sale who are like-minded. They may have children of different ages and be in a different stage of life, but we share a bond of decluttering our home, recycling items to a new home, and earning a profit from our children’s gently used items.

10. It’s fun.

Call me crazy, but I really do enjoy seeing a huge pile of items, entering them into the computer, printing tags, attaching tags to items, selling items, and picking up my check. It’s a sense of gratitude I receive for all the reasons listed above and more.

What about you? Have you consigned at Boutique For A Week? What are your reasons?

Registration is now open for Boutique For A Week’s Spring 2015 Sale! Consignor spaces are limited, so sign up today if you plan to sell.