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Mom To Mom: Is it Worth it to Consign?

Today we’re introducing a new feature on the blog: Mom to Mom. In this series, moms will weigh in on a variety of topics: from their personal experiences consigning and shopping at Boutique For A Week to their favorite kids toys to great play date locations. Today, a mom of four and frequent Boutique For A Week Consignor shares her thoughts specifically for first-time Consignors.

Is it worth my time to consign?

If you are considering consigning for the first time, you may be asking yourself that very question. The short answer is yes!

The long answer is also yes. The first time I consigned, I only sold a handful of clothes, a few toys, and a couple pairs of shoes. Tagging was simple and fast. I didn’t make a ton of money, but I wasn’t selling much. The whole experience was pleasant. I especially loved how the money I made offset the money I spent. If you are thinking about consigning for the first time and you don’t have a lot to sell, that is a great way to try out consigning. I doubt you’ll be sorry!

But say you are finally getting rid of all your baby stuff. You’re wondering if consigning is worth the time and effort. My sister-in-law consigned for the first time in exactly this situation. She was out of the baby stage and wanted to get rid of all the tiny newborn clothes and outgrown toddler sizes, bins full of toys, various baby gear from around the house, and on and on. There was so much stuff. She was considering donating it, but I talked her into consigning by promising to help.

As we cleaned toys, checked batteries, and tagged clothes late into the night, she kept asking me if all this work was going to be worth the effort. I promised her (over and over again) she would be so glad she did.

The end of the story? Well, each day a Consignor can check her earnings on the Boutique For A Week website. By the time the Pre-Sale was over, my sister-in-law had made hundreds of dollars. Her “hourly wage” for work put in compared to money received was so high she was already planning what she could consign the next sale. She was hooked. And after you give it a try, you probably will be too.

There are other great benefits to consigning, beyond the money you earn. You can shop early, declutter your house, and even donate your unsold items at sale end. As a repeat Consignor, these are the reasons that keep me happily selling at every sale.

If you’re uncertain, let me encourage you to go for it! Whether you start big or small, the website has tons of information to guide you through the entire process including how-to information on pricing your items to sell, preparing your merchandise, and tagging. I hope you’ll take the chance.