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Mom to Mom: How I Include My Kids in Consigning

This week a mom of three and frequent Boutique For A Week Consignor shares how her kids help her consign.

I include my kids in almost every step of consigning!

The first thing we do together is go through clothes, shoes, books, and toys. We try to assess how much we have and how much we REALLY need. Most times they get to choose their favorites and we get rid of the extras. It’s a great way to make room for all the new deals we’ll find shopping the sale.

After we go sort, organize, and purge, we enter the info into the sale website to make tags. My oldest daughter is 14 so she can enter the info on her own after I decide the prices. My middle daughter is 11 and she often reads off the size or tells me a description of the item while I set the price and do the typing. When we print the tags, my 8 year old daughter watches a cartoon as she cuts them out for me. I usually attach the tags myself to ensure that is done correctly. When the items are tagged and ready, they help me box everything up neatly to store until drop off.

My girls get to keep the money they earn for items they sell that are birthday gifts, toys, or anything they bought with their own money, but not for the everyday things like clothes. I need the earnings from that stuff to buy more things for them! It is a good incentive for them to get rid of more since they know I will be buying them new things. They recently started using their money at garage sales to buy and resell to make a profit!

Boutique For A Week is truly a family effort at our house. The help my girls provide makes sorting, cleaning, and tagging the items so much easier than doing it all myself.