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Mom to Mom: My Baby's Favorite Toy

We feature Mom to Mom posts to highlight everything from the serious to the silly as a chance to connect from one mom to another. We’ll be sharing personal experiences at Boutique For A Week, favorite toys, great play date ideas, and more. Today a mom of one shares about her son’s favorite teething toy. We here at Boutique For A Week love a great deal, wherever you find it!

A couple months ago I was at Target and noticed this teether for my son. It looked fun and I thought he might like the vibrations on his gums. Plus it was only $5! It turned out to be one of his favorite toys, and still is. I had to help him get it to vibrate at first because it takes a good amount of pressure, but now he bites down hard enough to do it himself. He also loves the gummy texture.

As a new mom, I’ve loved rediscovering the world with through my little boy’s eyes and I have learned so much. This toy reminds me life isn’t about what is flashy or most expensive, but what works for your own family. I am amazed at how $5 spent on a whim has provided my son both teething relief and entertainment.