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Mom to Mom: The Best Baby Essentials You Can Find at Boutique For A Week

Mom to Mom is a feature where moms weigh in on a variety of topics: from their personal experiences consigning and shopping at Boutique For A Week to their favorite kids toys to great play date locations. Today, a mom who has frequented our Pre-Sale shares about all the baby essentials you can find.

For any shopper at Boutique For A Week, walking into the auditorium brimming with toys, equipment, clothes, books, and more can be overwhelming. There is so much stuff. But for a new, expecting, adopting, or foster mom with a long list of needs and wants, it can be down right intimidating!

This is a great problem to have.

As a regular Boutique For A Week shopper, I especially want to encourage moms just like you to shop! Shop early and shop often. The selection and prices vary from sale to sale, but you are certain to find amazing deals on your baby’s necessities. I’ve shopped while expecting for three babies now and love to share with other moms what a great opportunity for deals Boutique For A Week provides! Let me share just a little of that with you.

The biggest discounts dollar wise, the ones that impact your wallet the most, are usually on baby equipment. At the sale, there is always a large selection of single and double strollers, car seats, jumpers, exersaucers, baby seats, high chairs, etc. at a steep discount. These items are expensive new! Do a little bit of research beforehand and you’ll be amazed. As a personal example, last Spring sale I picked up a Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play. Besides being an absolute life saver (sleep saver/life saver basically the same thing, right?), it only cost $15! New it runs at least $60. While not everything will be 75 percent off retail price, the money you save adds up bit by bit and makes a big difference. Especially if you are just starting out and need everything!

And everything is what you’re going to find! You’re likely to see nursing covers and breast pumps, bottles and bibs, cloth diapers and packs of Huggies. You will definitely have racks of clothes to pick from that enable you to outfit your baby for a fraction of the price new. The shoe selection is extensive and there are usually loads of teeny baby shoes available because those hold up really well on feet that can’t walk yet. There are going to be board books and bath tubs, light up toys and wooden ones. This list is by no means exhaustive!

Mom to Mom, the best baby essentials you can find at Boutique For A Week are almost all of them. You are going to love the deals you find.

If you’re a New, Expecting, Adopting, or Foster Mom, we invite you to shop early at a Pre-Sale planned just for you. You can register here or when you arrive that day.