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The Biggest Deals Typically Found at Boutique For A Week

Our sale offers great deals from Consignors who are motivated to sell. Tomorrow’s FAQ Friday will answer why some items are priced so inexpensively, but today we want to focus on what merchandise typically provides the biggest discount.

You’re going to find low prices in every area of our sale from clothing to books, but there are a few areas where the money you save is substantial. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Baby Equipment. If you’re looking to maximize your savings make sure you check out our baby equipment. The huge discount on items like swings, jumpers, exersaucers, floor mats, high chairs, strollers, car seats, and more allows room in your budget for other purchases at the sale. These items generally save you at least 50 percent off retail price and often much more.
  • Toys. Our selection provides another area with steep discounts. Moms trying to make room for new treasures are happy to ask way less than retail for their children’s outgrown toys. The sale offering usually covers all ages and skill levels from baby toys to Legos. And the price reduction on outdoor toys can make a previously unaffordable play set a reality in your backyard.
  • Clothes and shoes. Savvy shoppers are often able to purchase next season’s wardrobe with like new shoes at a fraction of the retail cost. Unlike the previous items on this list, clothes and shoes are necessities. Whether you find them at Boutique For A Week or not, money will be spent on these essentials. Why not spend less?

We can’t wait to see all the great deals this sale!