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The Story of Boutique For A Week

Did you ever wonder about how Boutique For A Week started?

In April 2008, my mom (Sandie), my sister (Kelly), and I (Kristen) began dreaming of a business we could run together. Out of that dream Boutique For A Week was born. Our first sale was in November of 2008 and for five years our families were served well by running the sale together.

In June of 2013, I became the sole owner of the business (Mom and Kelly both continue to participate in and love the sale). Boutique For A Week is still a family business though! Now I run it with my husband (Jeremy) and three daughters (Katelyn, Hallye, and McKenzie). During the sale, you can find Jeremy helping ladies out to the car with their purchases, running a cash register, and- most importantly- helping us keep everything going. My daughters also work feverishly to help and serve shoppers and their mom. It’s a highlight every year for all of us.

Managing Boutique For A Week as a family has provided numerous areas to grow together. From learning how to administrate the business aspects to acquiring important life skills, we have each benefited. It’s also given us the opportunity to share with others how much our own family is blessed by consignment sales. My dream is that many families profit from the great bargains and consigning opportunities available to them at our sale.

I pray Boutique For A Week will be a legacy for my children and their children as well. Because I have always loved a bargain, I try to teach that to my girls. While they love to shop at the mall and boutique stores, I often hear them say, “Mom, we can get a much better deal at Boutique For A Week than here!” I envision their years of working and consigning at the sale will benefit their own children. Hopefully I can see the next generations work it together one day!

My family, Fall 2014