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4th of July Craft: Statue of Liberty Silhouette

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Today, a Boutique For A Week mom is sharing a fun, easy craft for your kids to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Do enjoy making crafts with your kids? Whether or not it’s mom’s favorite thing, I’ve found most kids love it! Because my children do, I try (emphasis on try) to give them plenty of opportunities to make fun things/a glittery mess.

The 4th of July coming this weekend inspired me to find a craft to make with my three oldest children and my nieces. In the past we’ve often done a craft the day of the holiday together. One year we made these cupcake grills:

A craft you can eat really is the most fun kind.

This year we plan to swim all day on July 4th, so I decided to make something decorative and in advance. However, this would be an easy craft to occupy your kiddos on the actual holiday.

With six girls, I needed something that didn’t require much assistance, wouldn’t be too messy, and would keep them all busy and entertained. Oh and if it turned out cute too, that’d be a bonus!

Don’t they look sweet and unlikely to make a mess?

Poking around the internet, I saw a dot painted Statue of Liberty silhouette that looked pretty cool. I found a line drawing of Lady Liberty and printed it on cardstock. Then I cut out the middle to make a stencil, but only one . I wanted to limit the paint to one girl at a time. Because of that, I also printed different sized stars on both red and blue cardstock and divided those up. The girls cut those out while they waited for their turn with the stencil.

I got everything ready before anyone was allowed to sit down and start, hoping that would keep things stress-free.

The set-up right before we sat down… and then the baby woke up. Goodbye stress-free!

Each girl took a turn with the stencil. It didn’t take long to do, but I had to remind them not to smear. That pushed up the edges.

This is what the stencil looked like after a few girls. It held up well!

I realized when I was cutting out the stencil that the background might be boring, so online I found a way to make fireworks using forks and paint. We waited until everyone’s silhouette dried before adding the fireworks. Luckily, the kids were content to cut out and glue stars in the meantime (and the paint dried quick).

Our firework supplies.

There were six colors, so all the girls could work at the same time. I distributed the forks and made sure the paint wasn’t drippy, but I was not loving how this part turned out. I decided to break out the glitter glue and that helped brighten up the fireworks.

In the end, they all turned out cute! Most importantly, the girls loved them.

I would definitely do a silhouette craft again. They look really neat and are practically mess-free. None of the girls got paint on their clothes, just some on their hands. If you had dot paint markers, this would probably be even tidier. The only other mess was scraps from cutting the stars. All in all, a pretty fun craft for kids and mom!

What kinds of crafts do you like to do with your kids? Let us know here or on Facebook. And if you have something you think would be fun or helpful to share on the blog, contact us. We love to hear from you!