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Registration is Now Open for Restocking Consignors

Thanks to all the Consignors who have already registered for our Spring 2015 Sale! Our regular Consignor slots are now full. Restocking Consignor registration opens today.

Restocking Consignors restock our shelves after the Pre-Sale shopping and before we open to the Public. This works well for Consignors and Shoppers alike since many items are sold during our Pre-Sale. That allows room for new merchandise before we open to the Public.

The benefits of Restocking Consignors might even outnumber a regular Consignors. While you still earn 65% of your selling price, can shop at the Consignor Pre-Sale, and pick up your check the same day as everyone else, you get two EXTRA days to tag and drop off two days later!

If you haven’t already signed up to consign, consider registering now as a Restocking Consignor. Visit our Restocking Consignor page for more information.