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Should you consign at our Holiday Sale?

With our (first ever!) holiday sale fast approaching, we want to encourage you to sign up as a Consignor. You may be wondering if you should bother with the time and effort consigning requires. These are just some of the reasons we think you definitely should:

  • With the holidays looming, consigning does double duty: you can earn money to supplement your gift budget while also cleaning out your closets to make room for incoming gifts.
  • Or, if your looking to declutter your closets and garage, you can jump start your New Year’s Resolutions early by consigning and then donating any unsold items.
  • The modified list of items accepted for our holiday sale simplifies tagging. While most items (including most big ticket items) can still be sold, limiting the merchandise allowed also reduces the amount of time you’ll spend prepping and tagging your items. One area that typically requires a big time commitment is clothing. By permitting only specific types of clothing and shoes, you won’t be investing nearly as much time with those items most consignors usually do.
  • If you consigned with us previously, you don’t have to re-enter your tag information. Just activate your unsold inventory from previous sales. This saves you time while minimizing effort.
  • If you have not consigned with us in the past (or it’s been a long time), this page can help ease you into the selling process. It’s a great time to start!
  • Consignors get to shop before we open to the Public!
  • The shorter sale week means quicker turnaround to shopping and getting your earnings check. Plus this sale’s fee to consign is only $8!

We hope you will consider joining us as a Consignor for this sale. The time and effort are well worth the benefits it provides. Start the registration process here!