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Shopping Our Holiday Sale

Our first holiday sale opens this week! We hope it functions as an early Black Friday for our Shoppers and takes your holiday budget further than you can imagine.

While it will be similar to our seasonal sales, there are differences you should note:

  • The Schedule. Our sale week is shorter! Please review when you can shop so you don’t miss out! Also of note: there is no early shopping for New Moms, we are not hosting a Mom’s Night Out event, and shopping opens to the Public sooner than usual. One fun change- our altered schedule has the bonus of Saturday shopping times.
  • The Stuff. While you can expect to see much of the same merchandise, we do have changes to some areas (like which clothing and shoe items are allowed to be sold). If you’re interested in the specifics, check out our Items Accepted and Items Not Accepted pages.
  • The Deals. This is one area where we trust things won’t change! While Consignors set their own prices, we are always amazed at how consistently low those prices are.

For our returning Shoppers, we are so excited to share this event with you. If you’ve never shopped with us before, this is a great sale to start! Can’t wait to see everyone there.