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Holiday Sale Volunteers

Tomorrow, we will welcome the first of our 2015 Holiday Sale Volunteers. We appreciate you giving us your time. Our sale’s success depends so much on you!

Whether this is your first time volunteering or your twentieth, please review the following information to ensure everyone has the same expectations of your shift. 

  • We want you to take initiative. If you see a Shopper in need of a new basket or an area of toys that is messy, we want you to feel free to fix those problems without being told.
  • We want you to wear a smile. We expect our Volunteers to be glad to be working their shifts and to share that happy attitude with our Shoppers!
  • We want you to help. You need to provide customer service by passing out shopping baskets, carrying large items to the holding area, and helping bring purchases out to cars.
  • We want you to be prepared for the physical parts. You should expect some physical activity. At minimum, you will likely be on your feet the whole of your shift. If you signed up to volunteer during Drop Off or Sort, be ready for even more manual labor and the possibility of some lifting. If you’re uncertain what is going on at the time you signed up for, check your email registration or our event calendar. Please let us know if you have any physical limitations that might affect your abilities (like pregnancy) so we can be prepared.
  • We want you to be professional. We expect a certain level of professionalism from our Volunteers like arriving on time, not shopping during your shift, not using your phone, and working your shift for the length of time scheduled. This also means your children are in the care of someone else and you have taken care of your own meal needs.

If you have any questions about volunteering, don’t hesitate to ask us or review the extensive information on our website (start here).

Remember: Volunteers shop first, so it’s well worth your time!