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How To Organize Clothes to Simplify Tagging

While Boutique For A Week provides a great opportunity to earn money back for your kids’ outgrown clothing, a big pile of clothes to sell can seem overwhelming to tag. If you aren’t careful, clothes can take an unnecessarily long time.

So, how do you save time and increase your efficiency while tagging clothes? Here are some tips compiled from experienced Consignors specifically for clothing cleaned and ready to be tagged.


First, make sure you sort and organize systematically. Put all your clothes on hangers and while you do that also sort them by size and gender. This keeps you from going through your clothes repeatedly: once to hang, once to sort by size, again to sort by gender, etc. That’s work that can be avoided! We suggest you use large plastic tubs or a spare closet to sort and then store. Whatever you choose, just make sure to put your items somewhere they can stay organized until the sale.

When you’re ready to tag, tackle your clothes a group at a time. What amount (if not all) can you easily complete in the amount of time you have? Pull that number of items from where you’re storing them and enter the items in the same sequence they are hung or stacked into your inventory. Doing this means your tags will print in the same order as your clothes.

After you’ve entered your items, print the tags. When you cut them, keep them in order. This makes for fast tagging as you go straight through your line of clothes without needing to search for a match. As you finish a size, group the hangers together with a rubber band and label so the sizes will stay sorted for Drop Off.

Taking these small steps can make a big difference in the time you spend prepping for the sale. Check out our website for additional tips on how to prepare your items and videos on how to tag trickier items.

Hopefully these suggestions will save you time and stress as your prepare your clothing items to be sold. And when you’re surrounded by piles of clothes and up to your ears in tags, remember: clothing always sells really well at the sale. It is worth the effort!