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White Tag Consignor

Last year we introduced a new type of Consignor- the White Tag Consignor. This Consignor tags with only white cardstock and donates all her items at sale end.

While any Consignor can choose to designate some of her items for donation by tagging them with a white tag, a White Tag Consignor tags EXCLUSIVELY with white and donates ALL of her items. Donating items benefits the community and saves time sorting after the sale!

As a thank you to these Consignors, they can shop our Consignor Pre-Sale one hour earlier than regular Consignors. The Pre-Sale is Tuesday, April 12th from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. White Tag Consignors get to start shopping at 1:00 p.m! Only Consignors with ALL white tags can shop early. If you decide after Drop Off to have your items donated, but the items are printed on colored cardstock, you will not be eligible to shop until the regular Consignor Pre-Sale.

Consider tagging with all white cardstock this sale! For more information (and important details) about being a White Tag Consignor, check out the specifics on our site.