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10 Places to Find Items to Consign

Today on the blog we welcome back Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings to share with you some great ways to find items to consign.

Are you consigning this spring? Perhaps you’re not fully convinced because you don’t have anything to consign. Today’s topic is for you! Search these ten places and I guarantee you’ll have a box (or two, or three!) of items ready to go.

1. Kid’s Closets. Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? :) Clothing items contribute to more than half of Boutique For A Week’s inventory. Browse your children’s closets and remove any items that they no longer need. Don’t forget the shoes!

2. Children’s Bedrooms. Another obvious one. My first time consigning, I only sold clothes. I had no idea that I should go beyond the closet to the non-clothing items that were nearly new. My second sale, over half of my profits were from items such as toys, puzzles and books.

3. Patio and Outdoor Play Area. We have a large screened in patio at our home and toys galore in this area. Items such as ride-on toys and preschool sports equipment are high dollar items at the sale.

4. DVD Cabinet. Another area I overlooked for years. Boutique For A Week does not accept VHS tapes, but DVDs and CDs are often among the “most-wanted” items for shoppers.

5. Grandma’s House. As you’re purging your own home, ask grandparents to look through their stash of toys, books and DVDs. I find that items at Grandma’s house are in better condition and more likely to have all the original pieces - making it a candidate for consignment.

6. Garage. If your garage is a “catch all” area like mine, you may find a plethora of items there. Throughout the year, I’ll box up items and label them for consignment, but then forget them if I don’t do a thorough check of the garage before sale time.

7. Kitchen. Items such as baby bottles, unopened (and within expiration date) cans of formula, toddler plates, cups, and utensils are small items that can add to your grand total at a consignment sale. Don’t forget the bib drawer, too!

8. Linen Closet. Don’t forget this high-dollar stash in your home! Crib bedding, toddler sheets, and baby bath items are all qualifying items.

9. Bathroom. I hope I’m not alone in this, but my kids have so many bath toys they can hardly bathe in the tub! This is an often overlooked area of the home, and since the toys are in soap and water, they should be clean, right? :)

10. Your Own Closet. If you’ve recently had a baby, don’t forget about consigning your own maternity clothes and nursing tops. Boutique For A Week does not allow shoppers to try on items, so make sure your clothes have a clear size marked on the tag. I find that dresses, jeans, and skirts do best at these sales.

Well, if you’ve searched all ten of those places you likely have several boxes ready to clean, prepare, tag, and consign. You better get busy!