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FAQ Friday

Wondering if it’s still worth it to register to consign? Here are some reasons to encourage you that the answer to this question is YES!

  • You’ll be the “New Kid” and get all the attention! Returning shoppers from our Volunteer, Consignor, and New Mommy sale love to shop again after the Restocking Consignors bring items. They are specifically looking for YOUR items!
  • You can shop our Consignor-only sale on Tuesday!
  • You can either drop off early (on Sunday or Monday) or you can wait until Wednesday.
  • Your Pick Up is the same as regular Consignors! There’s no delay in payment or pickup of unsold items for Restocking Consignors.
  • You can donate your unsold items! Donate to a local charity and know you are supporting those in need!
  • You can avoid dropping off on a weekend if you prefer! There are available drop off time for Restocking Consignors on Wednesday, April 13th as well as Sunday, April 10th and Monday, April 11th.
  • Your items will be available to shoppers during all of our public sale shopping days!
  • You still get to shop before the public…just like our regular Consignors.
  • Wanna shop even earlier? Restocking Consignors are welcome to sign up for volunteer shifts, too!
  • You get three extra days to tag! Whew…extra time and you still make money! You must enter your items by Saturday, April 9th at 12:00 a.m. but then you have 3 extra days to print and attach all of your tags and finish getting your items ready.
  • You’ll have less clutter in your home and more money in your wallet! Enough said.