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Why Should You Consign at Boutique For A Week?

Registration is open for our Fall 2016 Sale. If you haven’t registered yet and feel uncertain about consigning at Boutique For A Week, this post is for you!

Considering the many choices you can use to earn money for your gently used children’s items can be overwhelming. Should you try Once Upon a Child or another store like it? Host a garage sale or even try a different consignment sale? What makes Boutique For A Week your go-to place to consign instead those other options? Plenty of reasons!

Boutique For A Week allows you the luxury of deciding your own price. Stores do not generally allow you to do that. You are either paid (a low price) for your item, or you have to wait until the item sells to collect your earnings. When the store pays you up front, what they offer is take it or leave it. If the store makes you wait until the item sells, it often takes months before you see that money! At Boutique For A Week you decide how much you want to earn for your item, and at the end of sale week (barring equipment failure) you receive your earnings. The process is simple, plus you have much more control.

Another big reason to choose to consign with us: we love our Consignors and vice versa! Our sale has been voted Best Children’s Consignment Sale in Central Florida for 6 years running as a result. It’s our goal to serve you and to see you succeed. We have this blog and an entire website with the purpose of helping you navigate the consigning process, boost your sales, and more. If you’re uncertain what it looks like to consign check out “Is It Worth It To Consign?”, “Top Ten Reasons To Consign This Fall”, Consignors 101Preparing Your Merchandise, and Attaching Tags to get an idea and get motivated to earn some extra money. It is our continual goal to serve you and your family in this way.