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You Don't Have to Be a Mom to Shop!

Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings joins us again to encourage any woman, mom or not, to shop Boutique For A Week this sale!

Today’s topic is one that will challenge you to think outside the box. I know we all have friends that are not moms, for a variety of reasons. As you’re preparing to shop Boutique For A Week, why not bring a friend along?

Here’s a list of ten reasons why you should shop Boutique For A Week sale even if you’re not a mom.

1. Purses and Bags. All women love this accessory. Boutique For A Week usually has a large variety of bags and purses. Although some of them may be diaper bags, even those type of bags can be versatile enough to be used for a laptop, iPad, binders, or a large purse. Diaper bags are designed more and more to look like tote bags or large purses, so it’s no surprise that many women could make a diaper bag work for work-related or personal needs. I have bought a few bags at Boutique For A Week that I carry as tote bags to work and on trips.

2. Office Supplies. Once at Boutique For A Week, I found an unopened package of T-shirt Transfer Paper. I was ecstatic because I use this paper to make my own sewing labels, and it’s quite pricey. To find this full package for $2 was a real deal!

3. Books. Boutique For A Week typically offers a large amount of children’s books, but also homemaking and religious books. If you’re a teacher, this is a great place to stock your classroom library! I’ve seen cookbooks and other how-to books as the sales in recent years.

4. Gifts. Even if you’re not a mom, surely you know someone having a baby. Or, you have nieces and nephews. Or co-workers with kids. Many times Boutique For A Week will have a good number of items with the retail tags still attached. This is a great way to collect a few baby gifts and store them away until the baby shower for a fraction of the retail cost.

5. Shoes. Because Boutique For A Week allows clothes up to junior sizes, adult sized shoes are welcome, too! This sale are is a fantastic way to add to your shoe obsession without blowing your monthly budget.

6. Clothes. If you are able to wear junior sized clothing, shop this sale for the teenager clothing. You may be able to score a pair of jeans or a casual t-shirt for a rock-bottom price.

7. Evening Dresses. Although the sizes are originally intended for teenagers, if the dress fits, wear it!

8. Home Decor and Organization. Nursery decor is a big seller at Boutique For A Week, but with nurseries becoming more and more modern, this is an item that can be used however it fits your home decorating style. Likewise, you may be able to find organizational bins or basket that are perfect for another room in your abode.

9. Furniture. Another versatile item that you can use in various rooms of your home. Just because it’s a dresser that matches a crib doesn’t mean the dresser can’t go in your bedroom.

10. Twin Sheets. If you have a twin sized guest bed, this is a great place to stock up on sheets for your guest room. Especially if you have nieces or nephews who sleep over often- you may just be able to find superhero or princess sheets they will adore! 

So, I challenge you to encourage your non-mom friends to shop Boutique For A Week. They’re certain to leave with some great bargains!