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Tips on Preparing Your Shopping List

Sale week starts soon! Now is the perfect time to make your shopping list.

Last week we posted some ideas to consider when shopping ahead at the sale. Here are some additional things to contemplate as you make your list:

  • Who needs what to wear? Think of each child individually. Go through closets and drawers to take stock of what clothing essentials your little one is low on. Don’t neglect to plan for the next size up or the next season when you think about clothing and shoe needs. Outfits for upcoming special occasions should be included. Make sure you note what sizes to look for as well.
  • What are your kids’ favorite shows to watch or books to read? Jot down “Doc McStuffins toys”, “Dora videos”, or “Boxcar Children books” so you remember to look for these items as you peruse those sections of the sale.
  • What are your kids “into”? Is your daughter obsessed with Legos? Does your son love anything to do with marine biology? Write that down! You may find a book, t-shirt, or toy that your child will be thrilled to receive. By noting the general idea, you’ll keep it at the forefront of your mind while you look through all the sections.
  • What do you need around the house? Is your 10 year old outgrowing her princess bedding? You need to shop for a bargain on a new, more grown up set. Could you use a spare crib sheet? Updated room decor? Hamper? Your wants can’t be met at the sale if you forget to look for them!

These questions are not exhaustive. There’s so much to consider, but hopefully this will get you started thinking through your own, specific needs.

You also want to organize your list into something you can use while you shop. Here’s a sample list with some thoughts from one of our shoppers as she prepares for this sale:

“Every sale I plan a detailed list, first by jotting stuff down for months as the sale approaches and as I go through my own consignment items. The week before the sale I rewrite, revise, and organize my list. Then, I am so excited to finally get out the door to go shop that I inevitably leave my list at home. Every time! I’m always glad I have made the list though, because at least I’ve taken the time to think about what I need. This time I’m determined to remember it!”

Whatever your planning methods, we hope our sale exceeds your expectations. It’s our privilege to provide for your needs, wants, and even for some unexpected surprises.