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Boutique For A Week Needs YOU

Today on the blog we welcome back Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings to explain how you can benefit from volunteering at our sale.

When most people think about Boutique For A Week, they begin to make a mental list of items to consign. Or, they begin to think about items they intend to purchase for their little ones.

However, Boutique For A Week needs so much more than your items or your money - volunteer your time!


I have had the pleasure of volunteering at Boutique For A Week for several years now, and could share hours worth of stories, rewarding experiences, and fun memories with you. To keep myself from rambling, I’ve compiled all the benefits of volunteering into a short list of four reasons.

1. Shop Early. I already mentioned this reason when I discussed the reasons I consign, but did you know that Volunteers are allowed to shop even before the Consignors? Truly, the sooner you can be granted access to shop, you will be guaranteed a better selection of items and likely a less crowded shopping atmosphere.

2. Browse Early. If you volunteer during set-up or early in the week, you can get a good idea of where your “most-wanted” items are placed in the sale, and keep an eye on items you hope to purchase. You can’t shop while you volunteer, but you can end your volunteer shift and then go purchase a few items you’ve been watching.

3. Learn the Ropes. If you are volunteering and consigning, serving as a Volunteer and observing Shoppers’ purchase patterns can aid you in consigning for future sales. For example, if you know you will consign your double stroller within the next year, you can watch first-hand how much shoppers will pay for a similar double stroller. This will aid you in pricing your items right so they sell first.

4. Make Friends. I used the word “pleasure” in the paragraph at the beginning of this list because that’s truly what it is - a pleasure. Although volunteering is hard work, the company is well worth the work. Most Volunteers are people just like you- moms working hard to get top dollar for their gently used children’s items and willing to put in a little extra effort. It’s a great place to meet like-minded friends.

If you’re interested in volunteering but not sure how the details will work, click here to learn about all of Boutique For A Week’s volunteer options - including opportunities for grandparents and men! Likewise, if you have a unique skill that can partner with Boutique For A Week click here to learn about their bartering opportunities.

So, when will you volunteer?