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How to Save Money (and Time) on Tagging Supplies

We want you maximize the money you make selling at Boutique For A Week! One way to accomplish that is by minimizing the money you spend on supplies.

So where can you find cheap and simple tagging supplies? The best way is to buy the right things from the right places. (All helpful links below are affiliate inks.)

For instance, it may seem like JoAnn Fabric or Michael’s is the place to go for cardstock, but that is not always the case! JoAnn’s sells by the sheet at a sale price of 16-25 cents, but you can find an entire ream of your color at Amazon for closer to 2 cents a sheet. (We post these deals on our Facebook page when we find them. Check out these recent finds: Last Name A-CLast Name D-GLast Name H-MLast Name N-SLast Name T-Z) If you consign a lot of items and often, this is a big savings! If you don’t want to order that many sheets, stores like Office Max and Staples also sell packs of 250 sheets for close to 6 cents a sheet (without any coupon or sale). Remember too that white cardstock is especially cheap, so consider donating your items and tagging in only white!

Another great place to find deals is a dollar store. Check for zip ties, packing tape or painters tape, and various sized Ziploc bag (including sizes larger than a gallon). Many dollar stores also sell batteries, including button cell sizes. This makes it very inexpensive to put new batteries in all your toys before the sale. 

Your clothing items will need hangers. You can often find them for free with just a phone call! Try calling a few local dry cleaners. In the past, Consignors have donated bags of hangers to us because their dry cleaner gave them so much more than they needed for their items. Old Navy stores also are a great resource as they typically throw their hangers away every night. Don’t forget to ask your family and friends if they have extra hangers, too.

Target and Walmart both sell many tagging items at reasonable prices. If you have trouble finding hangers for your 4T and smaller sized clothes, both stores sell 10-packs of child-sized hangers for around a dollar. Don’t forget to check the dollar section at Target as well. They’ve sold packs of 60 zip ties in the past.

Finally, consider purchasing a tagging gun instead of using safety pins. Amazon’s best seller (and well reviewed) tagging gun is only $11! It may take a few sales for this item to save you the money you would have spent on safety pins, but it will save you so much time! It really makes a huge difference.