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FAQ Friday


Consignors set their own prices at Boutique For A Week. Consistently, these prices are low, sometimes even shockingly low. Why would someone ask just $3 for a Boppy and cover, only 20 percent the retail price for a outdoor play set, or $15 for a $60 baby rocker?

After years of discussions with Consignors about their strategies, here are some of the most common reasons given:

  • Competition motivates sellers to price low since the sale often has multiple choices for the same item. Consignors want you to pick their offering which frequently translates to rock bottom prices.
  • Sometimes the items are sold to offset the money spent at the sale. It’s not important to sell each item for the maximum possible, just to sell enough items that the earnings add up to a decent amount.
  • Other times, the seller intends to donate her merchandise after the sale. These are things she is willing to give away for free. Decluttering her house is the real bonus of consigning, so making money is secondary.
  • Occasionally, Consignors do not realize the value of what they offer. Or maybe the expensive item was a gift, and it’s not important to try to recoup much of what was spent on it.
  • Finally, some Consignors are just being nice. Really. Yes, our sale is a great opportunity to make money, but the best part for most Shoppers is scoring great deals. For Consignors, consider this sale as an opportunity to bless someone else!