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Drop Off Starts Today

Drop Off starts today for our Spring 2019 Sale! We are so excited to see all our Consignors again (or for the first time). Before you drop off your items (Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday for Restocking Consignors), it is helpful to review our procedures. Our recent changes continue. Below are some things we want to highlight, but please visit our Drop Off page for more details.

  • Please make and keep your Drop Off Appointment.
  • Children are not permitted on the sales floor during Drop Off and must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Check in before you begin dropping off. If you are a White Tag Consignor, we must verify that BEFORE you begin placing your items on the sales floor.
  • Your items will be reviewed after check in and before being placed on the sale floor. Read our Drop Off page for more specifics.
  • Items should be properly prepared, tagged, and sorted (especially clothing items).
  • Cribs, Pack ‘N Plays, swings, etc must be assembled. Please bring the tools you need to put your items together.
  • Once you finish putting out your merchandise, you must exit the sales floor. Drop Off is not a time to peruse the racks (though we know it is tempting).

Thank you for all you do to ensure we have a successful Drop Off and sale!