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Off-Hours Volunteers

We love our Volunteers! They make the sale possible and successful. As a thank you, we allow our Volunteers to shop FIRST- before Consignors, before new mom’s, before the Public. They get first dibs on everything. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to volunteer during sale hours. If this is your circumstance, it is still possible to earn volunteer hours! We love to barter services and use non-traditional volunteer opportunities to both support the sale and count toward volunteer hours.

For example, if you have a blog, Facebook, or Twitter, you can earn hours by posting about our sale on social media. Or you can help distribute our flyer to local day cares and schools. Even food donations during the sale (to help feed the Volunteers there) count! Please check out our Bartering page for more specifics on these and other ways to earn hours! And don’t hesitate to email us if you have an idea you think would help the sale and earn you the chance to shop early.