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How to Check Your Consignor Earnings

Consignors, especially first timers, did you know you can check your sale record? Every night after the sale closes, we upload the sold items. Most Consignors enjoy the daily peek into what cash they’ll have in their pocket on Saturday!

Time to Drop Off!

Drop Off starts today for our Fall 2017 Sale! We are so excited to see all our Consignors again (or for the first time).

FAQ Friday


Tips on Preparing Your Shopping List

Sale week starts soon! Now is the perfect time to make your shopping list.

How to Shop Ahead at Boutique For A Week

Making a plan to efficiently shop at Boutique For A Week ensures you are “set” until the next sale date. “Set” for most shoppers includes buying clothing and shoes for the next season, acquiring baby necessities and equipment, and finding new toys because, well, toys are fun. But have you considered other ways you might shop ahead at our sale?

Where You Can Find the BEST Deals

Our sale offers great deals from Consignors who are motivated to sell. Today we want to focus on what merchandise typically provides the biggest discount.

You Don't Have to be a Mom to Shop!

Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings joins us again to encourage any woman, mom or not, to shop Boutique For A Week this sale!

FAQ Friday

Off-hours Volunteers

How to Volunteer Well at Boutique For A Week

Today on the blog we welcome back Amy from Gabriel’s Good Tidings to explain how to volunteer.