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How to Decide What to Sell and What to Keep

As you search your home for items to consign, you might find yourself puzzling over this question: What should I save to pass down? It can be a challenge to determine what is worth saving and what is worth selling.

How do you decide what to keep and what to consign?

For the most part, we encourage you to sell! Saving items requires finding a place to store them and figuring out how to keep everything organized (by size, by gender, etc.). It means hoping that the season hits right for sandals when your next born is in that size or that little brother likes Octonaut toys as much as big sister did. Consigning instead of keeping is usually your best bet (as well as money in your pocket).

If you’re going to save anything beyond the most loved teething toy, special heirloom outfit, or your favorite onesie, consider only those items that you know can always pass down. For example, when it comes to clothes you might elect to hold on to the classics, like a nice pair of jeans or a white long sleeve shirt. Still, keep in mind those are readily available for purchase at most stores and generally also at our sale. (Side note: they sell really well at our sale!)

Styles change, personalities are different, and even a color you especially loved one child to wear won’t necessarily translate to the next in line. So when it comes to clothes, it’s best to sell when a style is current. If you wait to consign, the item can look dated and likely won’t sell at as high a price.

If you’re not done having babies, you might think it’s best to hold on to your equipment to pass down. Unfortunately baby equipment, baby toys, boppys, etc. take up a lot of storage space! Additionally, resale value decreases on these items as the years go on and styles and technology change. You can sell your items and re-buy later if you need with the assurance that Boutique For A Week is going to have great deals on a large selection.

One Consignor shared how she buys and sells exersaucers over and over at the sale. She said, “It’s such a small window that your baby uses it, and it takes up so much space to store for the next one. I look at the sale for the best combination of cute and low price and buy it. When my baby outgrows it, I sell it at the next sale at a price where I at least break even and call it a win!”

As far as kid toys are concerned, they can be a real storage nightmare! Don’t hold on to the things your kids don’t play with when you could sell them. Toys are THE top selling category at Boutique For A Week. It’s easy to earn money on these items while also clearing space for your new finds from the sale. On the off chance your next kiddo wants something you already sold, you can repurchase almost any current toy at a reasonable price and often even at our sale.

Another top seller is shoes. Those special shoes you paid full price for so the Christmas pictures would be perfect (and never got worn again)? The Fall Sale is the perfect time to bless another family with them- providing the buyer a great deal and yourself Consignor earnings. You can try to save shoes to pass down, hoping they hit the right season, size, and gender, but they are tricky to store. Shoes are easily squished out of shape and, frankly, will stink up wherever they reside. The effort required is rarely going to be worth it when you know Boutique For A Week provides a large selection of low-priced, gently used or brand new shoes.

Ultimately you determine what’s worth the hassle of keeping. Our encouragement is to err on the side that brings you more Consignor earnings and makes space in your home for the great deals you find at the sale!